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About Nemeton Brewing

Founded in 2017, Nemeton Brewing embarked on the great adventure of introducing beers to the market in Waalwijk and the rest of the Netherlands that bring a smile to people's faces.

The Mederij
In 2018, Nemeton Brewing also started designing the ancient drink Mede because this drink fits perfectly in the theme of the brewery. A honey drink of which descriptions have already been found dating back to about 3000 years ago. What a wonderful product to breathe new life into and introduce people to refined flavors of honey, herbs and fruit.
After quite a few setbacks in the beginning and an increasingly difficult beer market, Nemeton Brewing is working hard to make it a success. Nemeton Brewing currently has 1 contract brewer where all beers are produced. In addition, Nemeton Brewing is busy getting all permits for a small brewing location in Waalwijk. This is where mainly the meads will be produced.

The brewery
Nemeton Brewing is currently brewing at Stadsbrouwerij Veenendaal. A castle is rented here and the recipe is brewed together with the brewmaster there. This brewery is young, vibrant and innovative. And in addition to all this, Stadsbrouwerij Veenendaal is also very aware of nature and energy. Processes are regularly scrutinized to see how they can be improved or become more aware. Currently brewing on a 900L scale.
The water quality at this brewery is particularly good and after adding some brewing salts it can be used completely as Waalwijk water in the beer.

The Brewer
The 'brewmaster' of Nemeton Brewing is Dennis Verduijn. Taste combinations arise in his head that are sometimes worth trying out. After a few test recipes, the beers or meads can be presented to the general public. Since 2020 he has also started maturing beer in wooden barrels. The so-called 'Barrel Agen'. An accurate, but also rewarding work.
He is the Druid who carefully prepares the recipes for all our drinks with great passion and pleasure, for everyone who dares to enjoy them.

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